Happy Birthday Nailluminati!

Happy happy Birthday to my sweet friend Nailluminati!Nailluminati Birthday 2015

For this special day Becky had the greatest idea, create a food themed mani to show our Bday girl what an awesome woman she is! So lots of ladies joined forces and made a food themed mani.

Check out all the fantastic creations under #HappyBirthdayNailluminati on Instagram 🙂
darlene bday maniThese are supposed to be hamburgers which were a little different in my head than they turned out on my nails. I mean, have you ever seen hamburger buns with sesame seeds both on top AND the bottom? Yeah, me neither :p
Also, isn’t it obvious that I don’t have a proper brownish polish to represent the buns? So many polishes and not a single brown for this mani? I can hardly believe it myself. So I went with a grey-ish taupe since I used my two brown polishes for the hamburger.
For the cheese and lettuce I went with two different shades of green and yellow. The same goes for the hamburgers. darlene bday mani1And because I wasn’t quite sure of these I did another mani. This time it’s hotdogs 🙂

Hamburgers and hotdogs for my Bday girl! 🙂darlene bday mani2
Wishing you a fan freakin tastic day, D.! May you be spoiled rotten. Love ya girl! :*

And a special thanks to Becky for hosting all this!

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