A England: The Blessed Damozel

TGIF polished beauties! 🙂

Have you spotted the Heavenly Quotes Collection by A England yet? I’m not sure if this is a recently released collection but i do know that The Blessed Damozel was released just a while ago. It’s not a secret that I love purple polishes so naturally this one needed to be mine…aengland - the blessed damozel1As most purple/blue hue’s this one was a bit camera shy. It’s a bit more purple and a bit less blue in real life. Stunning! The formula is lovely. Shown is two easy coats plus top coat.aengland - the blessed damozelDid you know that you can find your fave A England’s at Hypnotic Polish?

Have a fantastic weekend! :*

5 thoughts on “A England: The Blessed Damozel

  1. a-england… the first sign of a disappearing backbone and this beauty was no different for me 😉
    Btw. Heavenly Quotes is a collection like the Metropolish collection by Cirque. New polishes get added to it (just not monthly) and each is way too beautiful and no-buy wrecking…

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