Cirque: Hatch – The Awakening Collection

Hi lovelies!

Finally I managed to get my hands on NYFW by Cirque. Such an awesome blue hue! And while I was at it I also picked up one of the shades from the new The Awakening Collection, Hatchcirque - nyfw - hatch2For this mani I used three thin coats of both NYFW and Hatch plus nail vinyls. While I do have more Cirque polishes I’ve just now discovered the lavender scent of this polishes. A bit research taught me that Cirque uses essential oils in their formulas. It still smells like nail polish but it has a subtle scent of lavender while applying. Isn’t that just lovely! cirque - nyfw - hatchEnjoy the Easter weekend! I hope you all have a blast! 😀

2 thoughts on “Cirque: Hatch – The Awakening Collection

  1. Hehe, if you’re still wearing this gorgeous manicure tomorrow, smell your nails again. The lavender smell lingers quite a while when I’m wearing a Cirque polish 🙂

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