Creative Contest ft. El Corazon!

Hi lovelies!

Hope you’re having a fabulous start into the new week.
We love discovering new brands, colors, textures, finishes…because we’re nail polish lovers. We admit it!
And if with our love we’re also able to support indie brands on their way up, even better! Right?!

Today is a special and very exciting post! 😀
Creative Comtest ft El Corazon

Today we {Beauty expression by Luchessa} and {Polish Alcoholic} are teaming up with the wonderful indie brand El Corazón to hold a very different kind of Creative Contest.

Usually you’re asked to create a design or come up with an idea, but this time it’s nothing like that.

There are two options to enter this contest:

  • You have used El Corazón nail polishes before:
    Tell us in the comments below how you came across El Corazón, what you liked about the brand, what your favorite polish collection is and what you’d like El Corazón to produce in the future.
    For an extra entry, please share a link to your blog post/Instagram picture/Youtube video where you talk about El Corazón products.
    You’re welcome to write a new post to enter the contest or link back to an older one that you’ve written before.
  • You have never tried or heard of El Corazón before:
    Check out El Corazón shop, Luchessa’s Interview with the Art Director at El Corazón or Polish Alcoholic’s youtube video with her Top 5 swatches and tell us in explicit manner (yes, more than one sentence please) what the most interesting thing is that sticks out to you, what you’d like to try first and what you would suggest to El Corazón to create next.

This is a survey type of contest, where we really want to hear all about your experience, opinion about the brand, as well as the wishes for the future, if you just getting to know El Corazón.

There are going to be 2 winners & each one will get 3 beautiful nail polishes from any of the
El Corazón collections provided by the brand.

One winner with the best comment / post will be picked by the art director herself and the second winner by Polish Alcoholic & Beauty expression.
El Corazon Gemstones Emerald

So hurry up and give us your most creative answers.

The contest will be running from March 25th until April 7th and is obviously international. Remember – It’s all about the content ladies! Good luck everyone.

PS: Share this post with your nail polish loving friends – the more the merrier.

Have a fabulous day! :*


6 thoughts on “Creative Contest ft. El Corazon!

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  2. Wat een leuk idee dit!

    Ik heb kennis mogen maken met El Corazon via instagram. Daar zag ik prachtige lakken voorbij komen en besloot wat te bestellen.
    Ik heb nu zo een 6 stuks in mijn stash en ik ben er zeer te spreken over!

    Mijn favoriete collectie, 1 kiezen is te lastig dus ik heb er 3.
    De prisma collectie.
    De Large hologram collectie
    De Matte&Shine collectie.

    Ik heb een aantal lakken op mijn blog staan, ook nailart.


  3. I do have experience with El Corazon, although it’s just a little one. But so far so good, i REALLY like(d) that polish and my wishlist has grown.

    The formula was great to work with, the color was just perfect and not to forget: a really great ammount of product for just a small price!

    I found the brand in the Dutch webshop Hypnotic Polish and it’s great that they have quite a big range.

    This is my post a out the fantastic Magic Attraction (there’s a translation option down the page):

    Really can’t wait tp try out more, i just fell in love!

  4. Hello (: My name is Kaui and I have never tried El Corazon nail polish. I have only heard about it through this blog.

    I had to translate the El Corazon website from Russian (I’m guessing) to English. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they sell more than just nail polish. The first thing I saw was the Cuticle Defender and it’s one of those products that I feel I need to have and wonder how I lived without it before. I love the products I see, from polishes to lipsticks and everything in between. For their nail polish, the variety is amazing! I would love to try their Poly Chrome, Matte and Fireworks formulas but since I’m trying to rebuild my nail polish collection, I might just purchase all kinds of different products (: But if I win this giveaway, I’ll be sure to wait first and experiment with the polishes ❤

    In Luchessa's interview, Luidmila shared that she has a strengthening polish. As someone with brittle nails, it definitely sparked my interest. I love how she mentions that she hand-picks certain plants and herbs to help nails become stronger with some natural and organic ingredients. As an American reader, I'm so glad "active bio-gel" was cleared up. I think it's really great that Luidmila includes herbs that she has personally tried in her nail polish creations (:

    In the YouTube video (which I viewed first before the other links), the red matte shade stood out to me because I love having matte shades on my nails. It might be a phase, it might not. I haven't seen a matte El Corazon post in a while so I forgot they made matte shades.

    For the nail polishes, I would like to try anything. The reason I can't give a specific answer is because this brand has so much variety and I've never tried this brand before. Basically, since I'm new to the brand, I'm open to experimenting with any of the nail polishes. It would be amazing if El Corazon created a mermaid emerald kind of color ❤ something along the lines of this: (:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway (:

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