Catrice: (S)wimbledon

Hi beauties!

Catrice recently changed their brushes 🙂 Yay! Personally I’m not a fan on the previous brushes. I believe I’ve written about that before. They were uneven, not square nor round. Just weird and very difficult to work with. This new brushes are such an improvement. Nice square brushes. Yes!

I picked up a few polishes from their newest polishes which have the new brush. Here’s (S)wimbledon:catrice - swimbledon - mwns1What a perfect color for sunny days, isn’t it?! The formula is a bit on the thick side but that didn’t gave me any problems with the application. This is two coats plus top coat.
My accent nail is two coats of Most Wanted Nude Scenes which is part of my upcoming Spring Collection. This will be available at my shop from this Friday 😉catrice - swimbledon - mwnsWhat do you think of this color? Any thought about the new brush?

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