Catrice: Apricoco + Madame de Pinkadour

More matte nail polishes! It seems like more and more brands are coming with matte polishes these days. I don’t mind 😀 Now I have to say that it’s not the main reason why I picked some of these up. They have such cute small round caps. I have to say that they aren’t really practical to work with, but hey, they are cute! Let’s take a look:catrice - apricoco - madame de pinkadour1I combined two shades of the Rock-O-Go Collection by Catrice: Apricoco (2 coats) as my base color and Madame de Pinkadour on the tips of my nails, applied with a piece of saran wrap. catrice - apricoco - madame de pinkadourHave you spotted these yet? It’s a limited edition collection which consists of 5 matte nail polishes. I don’t think they are available in The Netherlands (correct me if I’m wrong). I’ve found mine here.


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