Polished by KPT: Mars Escapade

Have you spotted the latest collection by Polished by KPT? It’s called the Cosmic XOdus Collection and consists of 10 gorgeous polishes including (of course) some gorgeous thermal ones. When I saw preview photo’s of the collection I instantly knew that Mars Escapade and A Dream Within A Dream needed to be mine.
Here’s Mars Escapade:
kpt - mars escapade3Since it’s cold and rainy here and I take my photo’s outdoors I’ve had a hard time capturing the true beauty of this polish. Therefore I made a short movie that I’ve posted on my Instagram account to show the transition (see it here).
I honestly don’t know how to describe this. It’s such an amazing combination of colors and shimmer. It’s a peachy pink when warm that turns purple when cold. Just amazing.
I applied three coats plus top coat here. kpt - mars escapadeI’d like to marry this polish 😀 If I’m looking for thermal polishes, Polished by KPT is my first stop to look for some. They are just perfect!

Thanks for stopping by! :*

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