Eeeek! Happy B-day!

Jems-Bday-Graphic-with-names1Woo hoo! Today is the birthday of the lovely Jemma a.k.a. Eeeek! Congrats honey!
All girls mentioned in the image above have re-created a mani done by Eeeek! How exciting is that?
This one is for you, Jem:
ikatI picked this one mainly because I love the color combo. I am still on the hunt for the perfect medium gray cream. I just can’t believe I don’t already have a nice gray cream. Suggestions are very welcome! The one used for this mani (China Glaze: Pelican Grey) has shimmer, although you can hardly tell from the photo’s. Besides that the formula is so thin that it’s runny. You know, over floating cuticles and all :/ Too bad, because it’s a lovely shade!
For this mani I used the following polishes:
Zoya – Purity (white)
Catrice – Black For Gold (black)
China Glaze – Pelican Gray (gray)
OPI – I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana (yellow)

I’m pleased with the final result but wish I’d used a different black polish because this one was so thickened that it got a bit messy. What do you think?
ikat1Don’t forget to check out the mani’s that the other lovely girls mentioned above have created 😉

Jem, I wish you a fantastic day sweetheart! :*

13 thoughts on “Eeeek! Happy B-day!

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  2. my dear Sabrina! Thank you so much honey, your version is just exquisite and looks fab on your gorgeous long nails! I can’t thank you enough for the tribute – it totally gave me the ‘warm & fuzzies’ You were my first ever follower and it was you that helped me on the way on my nail blogging path and for that i will be forever grateful. Hugs to you hon! xx

  3. So for the non mani expert here, could you please explain how you did the black part of the mani? Did you use a nail art brush? I think this is a really cute design & i’d like to try it sometime…

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