Catrice – Liquid Metal (Matt)

I’m so excited to see all the new collections that are going around right now 🙂 Catrice added lots of new polishes to their regular line but they also added 16 (!) more polishes to their Luxury Lacquer line (not to talk about their new collection for Fall). 8 of those are part of the Liquid Metal line. There are 4 matte polishes and 4 shiny ones. Today I like to show you the 4 matte polishes.
catrice - liquid metal - matt - collageThese polishes come in square bottles instead of the regular round ones. So chic!
catrice - luxury lacquer - liquid metal - matt - bottlesSwatches and review below! 🙂

Before we jump in to the swatches I like to talk about the brush. A while back I noticed a dramatic change in the brushes of the polishes from the regular polishes. They seemed to be cut in a weird kind of pointy shape. At first I thought that it was a manufacturing defect but I found that almost all polishes that I’ve bought after that had the same issue.
The reason I mention this is that the brushes of the polishes from the collection that I’m showing you today are just perfect! It would be such an improvement when Catrice also uses these brushes for their regular line. If you don’t know what I’m whining about, here’s a comparison. On the left you see a brush from a polish from their regular line and on the right you see the brush of a polish from their Luxury Lacquer line.
catrice - comparison brushesI like both rounded brushes (like the ones from the Colour & Go line by Essence) and square ones like the one shown above on the right. But I really have a hard time painting my nails neatly with a brush as shown above on the left. Such a pity!

Alright, enough about that. On to the swatches!
I have pretty much nothing to say about these individually. These all have a great (similar) formula and are opaque in two coats. They dry to a matte satin like finish. Very pretty! For all 4 I used two coats and top coat only on the nail of my ring finger. And as always, all photo’s are taken in natural daylight.

Be My Mermaid
catrice - be my mermaid1I’m Legend-Berry
catrice - i'm legend-berry1Pink Charming
catrice - pink charming1LilacLike
catrice - lilaclike1What do you think of these? And do you share my disappointment in the brushes? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! :*

7 thoughts on “Catrice – Liquid Metal (Matt)

  1. I love these new ones and I agree with you on the brushes! I cut the ones from the regular line to a rounded shape. Works for me 🙂

    • You should check them out. And yes, the other ones are glittery. These for are labeled ‘matt’ and the other 4 as ‘shiny’. It’s hard to tell from the bottle itself so you should def check the bottle to avoid dissapointment when you get home 😉

  2. I like these colours (and the finish, especially!) and I like how the new collection looks but I have completely stopped buying Catrice’s polishes. I hate the brushes and the new-ish bottle caps and am super disappointed with their customer service. Bummer :c

  3. I hate the Catrice brushes from their regular line, it’s part of the reason I don’t buy them any more.
    Love the colors, but Catrice polish and I just don’t get along…

    I do like these though, even more with top coat as the color deepens.

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