Dance Legend: 172 – Termo

I’m back with a thermal polish! 😀
dance legend - 172 collage172 from the Termo range by Dance Legend changes from silver/white when warm to purple/crimson when warm. It’s jam packed with shimmer. L-O-V-E! The formula is great, opaque in two flawless coats.

Scroll down for a closer look!

dance legend - 172 warmCold:
dance legend - 172 coldTransition:
dance legend - 172 transition

2 thoughts on “Dance Legend: 172 – Termo

  1. Not too much into the colour combination, but I am always intrigued by these thermal polishes.. I wonder though, don’t they always have their “warm” colour unless it’s minus something degrees and you’re not wearing gloves?

  2. Interesting effect. Not that much “my colors”, but the idea behind it is def something to try out.
    As i’ve already learned, Dance Legend is a brand to look into. Along with El Corazon of course.
    How did i not know it’s a russian brand as well…have seen it around for quite some time now and didn’t know 😛 (And you didn’t bother to tell me ;-P)

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