Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend: Alenushka

Before we jump into today’s polish I’d like to mention that I’ve updated my blog sale! I’ve been hoarding a lot of polishes lately (Fall polishes, bring ’em on!) and I do not want to need a fourth Helmer to store them. So I started with sorting my Catrice and Essence drawers and after like 5 times in and out the drawer I decided some of them deserve new homes. I’ll probably add more polishes when I’ve sorted them all, so stay tuned. Meanwhile… check them out here!

Have you seen that Dance Legend teamed up with the talented Anna Gorelova to create a gorgeous collection? I’m dying of envy when I look at her photo’s. One of the polishes from their collection is Alenushka, a stunning soft pink hue packed with silver micro glitter and I believe even some tiny flecks. This polish was the one that caught my immediate attention when I first saw pics of this collection.
The photo below shows a lavender sheen while it’s a tad more pink in real life.
dance legend - alenuschka
Looking from another angle will get a more color accurate look:dance legend - alenuschka 1
I’ve used two easy coats plus top coat here. I should have applied my second coat just a little thicker because I ended up with some bald spots (see index). The formula is lovely which makes it easy to apply. 

So after wearing this I think I might need Chudo-Udo (Miracle Yudo), Vodyanoy (Merman) and Vasilisa. Alright, not might but must 😀

Alenushka is, along with the other shades of this collection, available at Hypnotic Polish, where I got mine 😉

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