Impala: 961

You know the bullet shaped bottles by Red Carpet Manicure? I’m dying to get my hands on the classy red one. That’s so cool!
This polish by Impala reminded me of that. This is number 961, a brownish grey scattered holo. Wow! This was gifted to me by Nailluminati, thanks so much dear!impalaThe base color reminds me op OPI’s My Private Jet. Does anyone have the original holo version of My Private Jet and wants to get rid of it? Probably not. That’s on my wishlist for ages. Anyway, this is three thin coats of 961 plus top coat. The formula is smooth and easy to apply. impala1Here’s a look of how it knocks your socks of in direct sunlight:impala - sl
Enjoy your weekend beauties! And remember, keep those paws painted 😀

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