Nail Polish Haul – July 2014

Hi everyone!

A bit later than planned I have finally managed to put together my first haul video. I’ve been a good girl last month, if I may say so myself. But honestly, for this haul I started collecting around the second week of July and the ones I purchased last week aren’t included. Anyway, 21 polishes isn’t bad, right? Let’s take a look:

And here’s a list of my new babies ๐Ÿ˜€

Colors by Llarowe – Connie’s Nosy Neighbor
Colors by Llarowe – My Own Private Paradise
Colors by Llarowe – Aliens & Outlaws
Colors by Llarowe – Look at me I’m Sandra Dee
Sally Hansen – 420 Pacific Blue (original formula)
Dance Legend – 547 – Candyflakes Collection
Dance Legend – 549 – Candyflakes Collection
Dance Legend – 9 Sand!Which? – Sahara Crystal Collection
Dance Legend – 2 Alenushka – Anna Gorelova Collection
Dance Legend – 848 Blanco – Holodays Collection
Dance Legend – 850 Different Viewย – Holodays Collection
Dance Legend – 853 Neptuneย – Holodays Collection
Dance Legend – 852 New Promiseย – Holodays Collection
MAC – Rebel
Essence – Loose Your Heart at the Board – Wave Goddess Collection
Essence – Have a Breakย – Wave Goddess Collection
Essence – Wave Down The Limeย – Wave Goddess Collection
Essence – Crush on Blueย – Wave Goddess Collection
Rimmel – 430 Coralicious
Rimmel – 415 Instyle Coral

Where to find them:
Most of the Dance Legend‘s and Llarowe‘s can be found at Hypnotic Polish or else at Llarowe. Yes, I’m addicted to these brands ๐Ÿ˜€

I bought the Rimmel‘s and Essence‘s at my local drugstore (Kruidvat).

The one polish by MAC can be found at their webshop hereย (Dutch website).

I’ve found Pacific Blueย by Sally Hansen on Ebay here. I really needed to have the original formula after reading all the fuzz about the re-formulation. Be aware if you’re planning on buying this because this seller also offers the re-formulated version! You can easily spot if it’s the original formula by the looking at the font on the label. The original formula has a regular ‘X’ in ‘Extreme Wear’, while the ‘X’ of the re-formulated version looks completely different.

The oddball in this haul is the nameless purple shimmer polish. I bought this at a store called Flying Tiger. I grabbed this one mostly because I really like the color and because the pretty rhinestones on the cap.

Since this is my first haul video I’d love to know your thoughts about it. Let me know what you think in the comments below ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for stopping by! :*

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