Fingerpaints: Vivid Reflection

Hello lovelies!

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Twisted by Fingerpaints is a lemming that is one my wishlist for like forever. I can’t find it anywhere! Fingerpaints came up with a new flakies collection though. From what I’ve read and seen these seem less vibrant than for the first collection. Nevertheless I like them. They’re flakies, what can I say? 😀 This one, Vivid Reflection, was gifted to me by Nailluminati, thanks sweetie! fingerpaints - vivid reflectionIn the bottle it just looks like translucent flakies in a clear base. As said, there isn’t much color on the flakies or the base. So of course this needed to be layered over a base color. Instead of black I chose Eurso…Euro by OPI as my base color. As with most flakies the formula is a bit thick, but not too thick. Depending on the angle I see mostly red and purple. Such a pretty effect, don’t you think? fingerpaints - vivid reflection1Enjoy your Sunday! :*

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