Essence – Road Trip Collection

The promised tutorial for the Tie Dye nails will be up asap, after I’m done switching my YouTube channel 😀 Sorry for the delay! Hope you’ll like some swatches instead…

Awesome was the first word that popped in my head when I saw pics of the Road Trip Collection that was recently released by Essence. Thermal, textured and duo chrome in one four piece collection? Yes, please!

Usually I like to save the best for last but I felt like I just needed to share I Don’t Care! I Love It! first. From the looks of the bottle I expected yet another purple/blue duo chrome that we’ve already seen in a previous collection. But what was I thinking? Nooo… it is absolutely fantastic. And I’m pretty sure I’m not saying that very often with Essence’s Limited Edition collections. This first photo shows that it’s a pretty duo chrome…essence - i don't care i love it2But look at it from a totally different angle:essence - i don't care i love itSome more indirect sunlight:essence - i don't care i love it3The best part… it’s fully opaque in two coats! Thumbs up! I used three thin instead to cover my free edges 😉 If you’re looking for a pretty and budget proof duo chrome polish, this is for you! And if you’re planning on rockin’ this polish a lot then I strongly advice to stock up a back up or two. It’s a tiny bottle (5 ml)! I mean for just €1,75 that’s totally doable, right?
Oh and this is with NO top coat!

Okay… on to the other 3 polishes of this collection… [insert *sigh*]

Hit The Road, Red!
has a sticker on the cap saying that it has a leather look. Well, no. It has a little bit of texture to it but I can’t call it a leather look effect. Such a shame because it’s a gorgeous color! This is two coats, no top coat.Next there’s a polish that is supposed to have an asphalt effect (not sure what to think about that), but I’m not a fan. Maybe that’s because my skin tone doesn’t like these kind of colors. It’s an off white/yellow-isch nude-isch (if that makes sense) base with different sizes of gold glitter. The formula is thick and tricky to work with. It gets easily streaky and therefore it’s hard to get a sort of even finish. This is two coats of On The Road Again, no top coat:essence - on the road again1Lastly, we have a thermal polish called My Sweet Escape. The thermal effect is very subtle and I’m not sure if the colors suit my skin tone. It goes from orange when warm to beige nude when cold. I bet this would look awesome if you have a darker skin tone. The formula is okay. I used two coats plus top coat for the photo’s below.
All in all I feel like the idea of the finishes is awesome but the final product leaves something to be desired. The only one that really caught my attention is I Don’t Care, I Love It!.

What do you think of these? Something that caught your eye?

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