MAC: Submerged

My first MAC polish is a fact 😀 Woo hoo! I’ve been drooling over their Limited Edition shades for quite a while and when I saw Submerged I just had to have it. It belongs to the Alluring Aquatic Collection. Besides this one, there are two other shades to choose from.mac - submergedI had high expectations for this one. It is kinda pricey you know. Color wise it’s gorgeous! The color shift isn’t extremely noticeable but it’s still very pretty. To me, the formula seemed a bit sheer. I think you can reach full coverage with two coats but I used three thin coats plus top coat here. mac - submerged1Oh lord, I am a real sucker for fancy packaging. The box AND the cap have a water droplets look. I am in love with this. I guess I am that crazy. I mean, take a look:mac - submerged bottle1LOVE!

I am looking at their newest Limited Edition Collection Prounza Shouler and -again- fell in love with the packaging. It looks like they have a sort of multi chrome cap *grabs napkin to clean up after drooling* The purple one or the bright coral? Decisions decisions…

Tell me, what do you think?

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