Llarowe: The Mighty Red Baron

Another polish that I NEEDED to have is The Mighty Red Baron by Llarowe:llarowe - the mighty red baronI missed out on the first stock but managed to get my hands on it a while back. And I feel like such a lucky duck! Why? Well, there I was, behind my laptop with my eyes peeled waiting for my place in line at the Llarowe website. The moment I got through this polish was marked ‘reserved’. I couldn’t add it to my cart and since my cart was expiring in 30 minutes I thought I missed out again. I refreshed the page several times and clicked the ‘buy now button’ like my life depended on it the moment I got the chance. My sincere apologies if I cart jacked someone while doing that!
Enough about my crazy-ness… The formula of this is amazing! It’s extremely pigmented and basically a one coater. I used two thin coats plus top coat here though. Look at that depth. I’m in love!
llarowe - the mighty red baron1What do you think of this one?

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