Essence – Beach Cruisers Collection

essence - beach cruisersEssence recently came out with for new textured polishes, the Beach Cruisers Collection. Of course I needed to have them.
essence - beach cruisers - bottlesLet’s take a closer look:
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! is a light salmon/coral hue. Not very sparkly but a pretty color. The formula is not the best that I’ve tried but okay. This is two coats, no top coat:essence - girls just wanna have sun! - beach cruisersKeep Calm And Go To The Beach is a gorgeous aqua blue shade. I love this kind of colors for Summer. This is more sparkly than my picture shows. Also two coats, no top coat.essence - keep calm and go to the beach! - beach cruisersLife Is A Beach is a gold textured polish. This one really makes me look sick. My skintone turns into a crazy ‘sick’ color :/. Quite unique but not for me. Two coats, no top coat:essence - life is a beach - beach cruisersMy favorite of this collection is I (heart) Summer Break!. This one has the best formula out of the four.essence - i summer break - beach cruisersWhat do you think of these?

7 thoughts on “Essence – Beach Cruisers Collection

  1. Wow. These are all fantastic, but I must say Keep Calm and Go to the Beach and I (heart) Summer break made me go “I neeeeeeeed!” Hopefully I can find these in stores near me because, like I said… I neeeeeeeed! =) Great swatches!

  2. The red and the aqua is just tooooo awesome, lovely pics! Can’t remember seeing this brand in Sweden, have to keep my eyes open looking for it. 🙂

  3. I love the colors of the red and the aqua, but the other 2 are not my kind of colors.
    Such a shame they don’t have something sparkly in them, that would make them even better!

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