Zoya: Odette & Monet

I was eyeing on Odette by Zoya for quite a while but it was constantly sold out everywhere. But here it is:zoya - odette - monetI am so in love with this color! It’s opaque in two easy coats. I added one coat of Zoya’s Monet on my accent nail. The formula of Monet is very thick which made application quite difficult. I love the iridescent hex glitter though 🙂 zoya - odette - monet1What do you think of Odette and Monet?

13 thoughts on “Zoya: Odette & Monet

  1. I love Odette, it’s my go to color if I want something toned down on my nails.
    It always makes me feel so sophisticated and… grown up, lol.

    It looks awesome on you!
    And monet is a gorgeous topper, too bad it’s such a pain to deal with.

  2. This combo looks great together! Pity about the gloopy-ness of Monet. It would put me off using it.

  3. Both nail polishes look interesting, I think Odette would be perfect every time of the day.
    I have no Zoya yet but I’ve found some nice colours and collections there 🙂

  4. I wasn’t very impressed with the Natural line overall, but I loved the color of Odette. I didn’t have anything like it! It looks great with Monet! I agree with you about the thickness of Monet; I go to use it, and remember how thick and goopy it is… and reach for something else. It’s a shame too, because it’s a lovely glitter!! Maybe I should add some thinner to it 🙂

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