Foil manicure

The easiest way to create a colorful and eye catching manicure is probably by using foil. They come in many design and colors and are super easy to use. The foil I used for this manicure is available at Hypnotic Polish in a set of 25 pcs. I chose to randomly dab on the foil instead of using it as full coverage. You can do this in different ways. You can simply apply your base color and apply the foil when the base color is not completely dry (so that the foil sticks on the nails) or you can use foil adhesive glue as I did here. I waited for my base color to completely dry before randomly adding spots of adhesive glue. Then wait a few minutes until the glue is completely clear and dab on the foil 🙂 It’s that simple.foil hypnotic polishI didn’t add top coat here because I found that it wrinkles the foil which is a cool effect but not what I was aiming for here. foil hypnotic polish1And below you can see how it looks with matte top coat. Here you can really see all the different colors:foil hypnotic polish matteI’m not sure if which I like more, with or without matte top coat. You?


3 thoughts on “Foil manicure

  1. Nope I can’t decide either which is nicer. Shiny looks totally like metal foil and rocks but then with the Matte you can see all the colours and it rocks too! I say half matte and half shiny then it’s the best of both worlds 😀

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