OPI: Chasing Rainbows (vs. Rainbow Connection)

Hi everyone!

Those of you who also follow me on Instagram have already seen my comparison of OPI‘s Chasing Rainbows form their Spotlight on Glitter Collection and Rainbow Connection from another collection that was released way back.

I’m not a huge fan of glitterbombs but I love Rainbow Connection for the lovely color combination. I’d hoped that Chasing Rainbows would have something different or extra to it, compared to Rainbow Connection. Sadly Chasing Rainbows is basically a recycled version of Rainbow Connection. I can’t spot a single difference between the two 😦 Nevertheless I don’t mind having two bottles though. opi - chasing rainbows - rainbow connection bottlesI’ve read that there seem to be many other similar polishes from OPI going around. Especially with The Muppets Collection and the new Spotlight on Glitter Collection. Such a pity! opi - chasing rainbows - rainbow connection compI also did a glitter gradient with Chasing Rainbows over black:opi - chasing rainbows1What do you think of the Spotlight on Glitter Collection?


12 thoughts on “OPI: Chasing Rainbows (vs. Rainbow Connection)

  1. Jammer dat er weer een dupe in hetzelfde merk zit. Al moet ik toegeven dat ik het persoonlijk niet zo erg vind, omdat ik het adhd-glitters vind en echt too much voor op mijn nagels :).
    Wel vind ik Chasing Rainbows absoluut de leukste uit de collectie!

  2. I have Rainbow Connection and you are 100% RIGHT. This is not the first time I’ve seen this sort of thing with their polishes though. Unfortunately, every company does it at one point or another.

      • A friend who always sends me nail polish from Germany often says “They all look alike to me. I never know if I’m sending you repeat colors.” Now I know why. She can’t even get OPI there any more, only Essie. Thankfully, they don’t seem to repeat their colors often enough for anyone to point it out.

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