Catrice – Sand’ Sation – Luxury Lacquers

Hi everyone!

In previous post I’ve showed you the Holomania polishes (holographic) and the Chameleon polishes (duo chrome) from Catrice‘s Luxury Lacquers. Today I’d like to show you the eight Sand’ Sation polishes, which all have a textured finish. Instead of eight separate swatches I’ve created a little nail art with them. If you’d like to see (some of) them separately, let me know 😉catrice - sand sation

All of these are opaque in two coats except for Waikiki Peach, which needs three coats for full coverage. The formula of these is good. Although these aren’t as perfect as for example the Zoya’s Pixie Dust polishes, they have a nice formula and are easy to work with. They are not extremely textured but have a fine texture to the touch.

My favorites of this collection are Sandhopper (mint green) and PLUMbeach (purple). These look so pretty together. I’ve created the pattern with the nail polish brush itself. It’s very easy to do. Just keep in mind that less is best in this case. So use as less polish as possible 😉catrice - sandhopper - plumbeachcatrice - sandhopper - plumbeach1
The next pair is TropiCoral (coral) and It’s A PINKini World (pink). I found that the pink one has slightly less texture than the others. Also, in my pictures it almost looks if it isn’t fully dried. It is though 🙂 These kind of colors make my skin look tanned, how cool is that! catrice - tropicoral - it's a pinkini worldcatrice - tropicoral - it's a pinkini world1
Next up Strawberry BAYquiri (pink) and Maliblue (blue) plus a little 100 PerSAND Real (silver). I’m not sure if I like a textured waterfall mani. The colors are pretty though 🙂catrice - strawberry bayquiri - malibluecatrice - strawberry bayquiri - mailblue1
Lastly I have Waikiki Peach (peach) and 100 PerSAND Real to show you. Waikiki Peach is the most sheer one off the bunch. I needed three coats for full opacity. catrice - waikiki peach - 100persandcatrice - waikiki peach - 100persand1Overall I like these. Nice shades and a good textured effect. For €3,59 each they are affordable, which is nice! I do wish they had glitter though. That gives textured polishes just a little extra.

What do you think? Any favorites?

7 thoughts on “Catrice – Sand’ Sation – Luxury Lacquers

  1. I really like the colors, but… Catrice…
    That brand keeps disappointing me when it comes to polish, so I just gave up.

    • I’m assuming that you’re talking about the extremely bad brushes that are going around lately? So far, I haven’t had a bad brush, thank god. But I agree, they aren’t as good as they used to be.

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