piCture pOlish: Ultra Violence

Another collab shade by piCture pOlish and Michelle, a.k.a. Lab Muffin is Ultra Violence:picture polish - ultra violencepiCture pOlish describes Ultra Violence as follows:
“A jewel toned deep purple shimmer creme with shifting colours of magenta copper, purple glitters and dries textured on the nail”.

I had a hard time capturing this beauty on camera. Totally love this polish! The formula is perfect, as always. I used two coats plus top coat for my swatch above. picture polish - ultra violence bottleWhat do you think of this beauty?

piCture pOlish polishes are available via their website or check out the list of stockists here.

3 thoughts on “piCture pOlish: Ultra Violence

  1. ohh, I’m trying to avoid picture polish because I don’t want to be stuck with the old-style brushes (which apparently make up a lot of the stock in France!) but this is gooooorgeous!

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