Catrice – Holomania – Luxury Lacquers

To all my pals who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Have an awesome day! :*

Along with 4 ‘chameleon shades’, 8 glitter shades and 8 textured polishes Catrice also released 4 holographic shades. Hooray!
These are the so called Holomania polishes.catrice - holomaniaThese made up for my disappointment in the Chameleon shades, reviewed here. Catrice did a great job with these. Of course there are stronger holographic shades out there but these are all pretty nevertheless. They have a good pigmentation and don’t need a special base coat to prevent bald spots. catrice - holomania bottlesScroll down for swatches!

First up, the silver shade Holo Manolo. I used two coats plus top coat for my swatch but I could have got away with one generous coat.catrice - holo manolocatrice - holo manolo slPlum Me Up Scotty, is a soft lavender hue. This is also two coats plus top coat:catrice - plum me up scottycatrice - plum me up scotty1The blue one is called ApHolo7. Again, two coats plus top coat:catrice - apholo7catrice - apholo7 slMy absolute favorite is Holo In One, a minty green hue:catrice - holo in onecatrice - holo in one slWhich one do you like most?

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