Catrice – Chameleon – Luxury Lacquers

catrice - chameleonI was looking forward to Catrice‘s Luxury Lacquers Collection which consists of 24(!) polishes. As excited I was to get my hands on these, as disappointing I got once I tried the 4 Chameleon shades. I find the promo pics of these polishes not representing how they look in real life. Except from Chromeo & Julia -pictured on the left in the pic below- the duo chrome effect is nowhere to be found :/catrice - chameleon bottles

Let’s take a look at my swatches!

The one I was most excited about is C(h)ome, Leon, which given the promo pics appears to shift from a pale peachy hue to a soft pink. Sadly, I didn’t spot the color shift. There is a slight pink sheen in some angles but I can’t say it’s obvious enough to call it a duo chrome. I used three thin coats plus top coat for my swatches below. I think you can get away with two coats if you have shorter nails. catrice - c(h)ome, leon!catrice - c(h)ome, leon!1

Salmon Salmon But Different is a soft pink hue that turns to a slightly darker shade of pink in some angles. Again, the color shift is minimal. It’s a lovely color. It’s pink, so what can I say? 😀 This is also three thin coats plus top coat:catrice - salmon salmon but differentcatrice - salmon salmon but different1The darker sister of Salmon Salmon But Different is called Chromit & Miss Pinky. It has a blue/purple sheen but again I can’t call this a duo chrome. This is two coats plus top coat: catrice - chromit & miss pinkycatrice - chromit & miss pinky1The only one of these four that has a true color shift is Chromeo & Julia. The formula is a little thicker and more pigmented than the other three. With shorter nails I think you can get away with one generous coat. Really pretty! I’ve used two coats plus top coat for the pictures below.catrice - chromeo & juliacatrice - chromeo & julia1What do you think about these?

7 thoughts on “Catrice – Chameleon – Luxury Lacquers

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  4. I agree, these are quite disappointing. Have you tried them over a black base? I don’t know, it might help? Chromeo & Julia is pretty gorgeous though, might have to pick that one up!

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