2014 Oscar Awards inspired manicure for Julep


Abbey, the Community Outreach Coordinator for Julep asked me if I’d like to participate in a fun blog campaign. But of course! The idea is to create a manicure inspired by the 2014 Oscar Awards, or better a re-creation of a manicure of one of the celebrities. So much fun!

My manicure is inspired by the American actress Maria Menounos. I chose this manicure because I love grey manicures on celebrities. They have something classy, don’t you think? Although there were several red mani’s, which I absolutely loved, I picked this one as my favorite:
rs_1024x759-140302151200-1024-maria-menounos-nails-oscar.ls.3214*image source

Here’s my version of this fantastic mani:julep1For this mani I used ANNY’s Velvet Chinchilla as my base color, China Glaze’s Liquid Leather for the black triangle and a silver glitter striper polish for the glittery tips.julep

What do you think of this re-creation?


2 thoughts on “2014 Oscar Awards inspired manicure for Julep

  1. I like the colours but.. maybe you could have done the triangles a bit taller to match better with your nail length? I still like it though 🙂

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