Nubar: Moon Eclipse … Moon Shadow

Hi everyone!

I have the weirdest thing to show you today! I’ve had Moon Eclipse and Moon Shadow on my wishlist for quite a while before I bought one of the two. Months after that I was gifted the other one of the two. These have different names but both have the same number. But that’s not all… I swear these are one and the same polish. Maybe Nubar decided to rename it or something? I don’t know…

Here are they next two each other. On the left is Moon Eclipse and on the right Moon Shadow:nubar moon eclipse - moon shadow bottlesnubar moon eclipse - moon shadow bottles1

In the pics below I’m wearing three thin coats of Moon Eclipse, no top coat. The brown/golden sheen is way more noticeable in real life. My camera refused picking it up. It is gorgeous!nubar moon exlipse - moon shadownubar moon eclipse - moon shadow1So, what do you think? I don’t mind having both. Back ups are a good thing 😉

5 thoughts on “Nubar: Moon Eclipse … Moon Shadow

  1. Gorgeous swatches, it looks fabulous!
    I just received Iris Dust and Wildlife today, and I have Purple Beach and Moon Eclipse in my ebay basket right now.
    I cannot get over how amazing Wildlife is, I’m actually tempted to buy another bottle, it’s just that beautiful (I have a thing for greens).
    But I love this one too! Maybe Moon Eclipse this week and Wildlife next week… lol I am hopeless hehe

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