LAYLA: Cloudy Violet – Hologram Effect

Happy Friday!

In a previous post I’ve showed you Ultra Violet from LAYLA‘s Hologram Effect range. This is the darker sister of Ultra Violet called Cloudy Violet:
layla - cloudy violetFormula wise this is similar to Ultra Violet, a little tricky to work with. This is two ‘flowing’ coats and still you can see some bald spots. I’m thinking of buying the Aqua Base to see if that helps. Does anyone has experience with Aqua Base? I love this color and it would be a pity if I’d not wear it again because of the formula.
The picture below is taken in sunlight:
layla - cloudy violet slAny advice on how to minimize getting bald spots are more then welcome! 😀

9 thoughts on “LAYLA: Cloudy Violet – Hologram Effect

  1. Nice color!
    I’ve heard the Nfu Oh aqua base works wonders for those tricky holo’s, but I’m not the biggest fan of holo polishes, so I haven’t tried it myself.

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