Catrice: Glitterazzi

A flakie topper by Catrice! My heart skipped a beat when I saw it! I love flakies, if you haven’t noticed. So of course Glitterazzi needed to go home with me.Β catrice - glitterazziThe colors of the flakies are gorgeous. There are mostly green, teal and blue with some gold flakies in a clear base. These seem more like big shreds than subtle flakies though. Despite the two mixing balls it is impossible to shake/roll this before use. The mixing balls barely move. The formula is extremely thick! Way too thick if you ask me. That makes an even application very hard. The flakies/shreds are stubborn and not very flexible (similar to the Models Own flakies) which causes them to not lie flat on the nails. I found that it works best by loading up the brush and ‘scoop’ the flakies/shreds out of the bottle on to the brush (so no wiping the polish off on the neck of the bottle), then apply it on the nails by using a dabbing motion. That’s what I did to achieve the look as shown above. I did add one generous coat of Seche Vite to get rid off the ‘poking’ flakies/shreds. Nevertheless the result is still thick and bumpy. Such a shame, because the flakies are so pretty!

16 thoughts on “Catrice: Glitterazzi

  1. A really dissapointing thickness of the polish. I wasn’t expecting this either. :S
    No idea why they didn’t change the formula after they saw how thick it came out….O.o

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