Sally Hansen: Ruby Diamond – Nail Prisms

Hi lovelies!

While I was hunting for my never ending lemmings recently I came across the Nail Prisms series by Sally Hansen. Of course I couldn’t resist adding a few to my cart 😀 This is Ruby Diamond, a gorgeous pink holo:sally hansen - ruby diamondThe formula is fantastic! And when I say fantastic, I mean superb. No dragging or bald spots. Just one (!) easy flowing coat with NO top coat. I’m sold! Below is a picture of how it looks when the sun hits it:sally hansen - ruby diamond slDo you have any polishes of this collection? Which one(s)?

Thanks for stopping by! :*

14 thoughts on “Sally Hansen: Ruby Diamond – Nail Prisms

  1. I’ll have to look for these again! I’ve never got any before but I think I’ll have to change that soon!! It looks so lovely!

  2. Sabrina I LOVE these! Do they still make them? I have six but used to have more. They’re so old a couple dried up on me. the Pink Rose Diamond is my favorite. Turns any dark color into a shimmery holo, sort of like your wonderful Galactic Dust. I think I’ve actually sent you pics of that a long time ago. I’d love to have new ones too. Where did you find these?

  3. I used to own Mandarin Garnet, but it was just not my color.
    So I gave that away. Definitely not a one coater though 😉

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