LAYLA: Ultra Violet – Holographic Effect

When I see the slightest sunbeams I instantly feel the need to wear holo polishes 😀 Here’s Ultra Violet by LAYLA:layla - ultra violet nlFormula wise this is similar to Color Club’s Halo Hues. It’s opaque in two ‘flowing’ coats but I’ve used three thin coats (no top coat) here because I had some dragging issues resulting in bald spots (see my middle finger). Lovely color ha! The photo below is taken in sunlight to reveal the rainbow. layla - ultra violet sl Thanks for stopping by! :*

11 thoughts on “LAYLA: Ultra Violet – Holographic Effect

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    • You’re right, the application is more tricky than for example the Halo Hues. I’ve had some trouble with bald spots and ending up needing three coats but it dries pretty fast so that’s okay. And yes, I’ve heard about the aqua base coat but never tried it. There are mixed opinions going around about that. But it should pop the holo effect just a little more. Maybe I should give it a try 😉

  2. I know what you mean! I actually get excited when I see a sunny day on the weather report because it means I can wear holo nails that day. Glad to find someone who understands! :-p I love the Layla holos! I have trouble applying them unless I use an aqua base. But they are so worth the trouble! 🙂

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