Models Own – Beetlejuice Collection

mo - beetlejuice collectionLet’s take a look at the Beetlejuice Collection by Models Own. I can’t believe that this collection has been laying around in my stash untried for months! mo - beetlejuiceThis collection consists of five color shifting polishes which of course caught my attention as soon as I laid eyes on them. I have to say that I’m a little disappointed in these because the color shift of most of these is hardly noticeable :/ In the bottle they look stunning but on the nails not so much. Oh well, there can’t be all winners, can they?!

First up: Indian Ocean, a sheer icey blue base packed with lots of (mostly lavender) shimmer. The shimmer is gorgeous! I wish this was more opaque. I used three coats plus top coat and you can still see some VNL. Maybe this would look stunning over white?mo - indian oceanWhere is the color shift effect in Tropical Sun? Definately not on my nails 😦 It is a gorgeous shade though which has a golden glow in some angles/lightning. This has fine silver shimmer through out the formula. This is also three coats plus top coat:mo - tropical sunHayley’s Comet is more like it. I like this one! Although you can hardly see the shift in the picture below, it is there in real life. Not like ‘in your face’, but very subtle. Two coats couldn’t cover the free edges of my nails so I used three coats plus top coat here. You should get away with just - hayleys cometFormula wise Aqua Violet is similar to Hayley’s Comet (three coats plus top coat). Nothing special going on here but it is a pretty shade. mo - aqua violetGolden Green surprised me with the lovely subtle color shift. You can see it goes from green to gold to brown. Very pretty! This is three coats plus top - golden greenOverall I’m not as exciting about these as I thought I’d be. They are pretty, don’t get me wrong. I just expected them to have a stronger color shift as how they look in the bottle.

What do you think of these?

Ps.: have you already joined the Valentine’s Nail Art Contest?

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