Multi Ruffian manicure (tutorial)

Hi everyone!

We’re already halfway the week. Yay! Today I have another tutorial for you guys. I like to call it multi ruffian 😀
multi ruffian
Watch the tutorial here:  

  • Start with a beige nude base base;
  • Create the first ruffian with a dark blue polish and let it dry;
  • Use a medium size dotting tool and a burgundy polish to add some dots on the nude part of the nail;
  • Create a second ruffian with a yellow polish and give it some time to dry;
  • Create the final ruffian with the burgundy polish (also used for the dots);
  • Time to clean up! I use a small eye-liner brush and acetone;
  • Give the design some time to dry and add a top coat;
  • Finish with cuticle oil and you’re done!

Note: I’ve been a bit too excited with the amount of polish on the nail of my middle finger 😉 Two thin coats will do the job!

I love how ruffian mani’s look on the side. So this kinda weird pic needed to be included:multi ruffian2

Products used:
Sally Hansen Miracle Nailgrowth (base coat)
ANNY Only you
– ANNY Drunken jeans
ANNY Indian sun
– ANNY Hypnotic nights
Seche Vite (top coat)
– Clean up brush
– Acetone
– OPI Avoplex cuticle oil to go.

What do you think of this mani? If you’re going to re-create this, I’d love to see yours!


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