A-England: Sleeping Palace

Hi beauties!

The sweetest Brijit (Brijits Digits), surprised me with two gorgeous creations by Adina from A-England. This one, Sleeping Palace, was on my wishlist for a while. Thanks so much honey for crossing this off my never ending wishlist! a england - sleeping palaceAdina describes this beauty as follows:
An unnatural twilight has fallen upon the land – a plum/coppery base hue filled with vivid prismatic life, as though mocking the eternal slumber of the entire castle.
I couldn’t have described it better. I absolutely love it! The entire Burne-Jones Dream Collection looks so pretty but this one drew my attention in particular because of it’s unusual base color. The formula is fantastic and it requires only one (!) coat for full opacity. Thumbs and toes up for that! The picture above is (as always) taken in natural lightning, outdoors.
It has a gorgeous holo touch to it which shows itself in direct lightning and sunlight. The picture below is taken under a daylight bulb. a england - sleeping palace2Thanks for stopping by! :*

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