I Love Nail Polish: Nostalgia

Have you spotted ILNP‘s Christmas Collection? I do! The minute I received an e-mail that the pre-sale has started I went over to Barbra’s website to make sure I got my hands on Nostalgia, the newest multi chrome:ilnp-nostalgiaI’m sold! This really has so many different colors that I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I needed to capture all colors in one pic. So excuse the awkward hand pose in the pic below. The formula is perfect and easy to work with. I found that I could have got away with two coats but I used three thin coats plus top coat here. Note: you need to let each layer dry thoroughly to avoid bald spots. ilnp-nostalgia (1)

ilnp-nostalgia-bottleAlright, these two pics needed to be included:
ilnp-nostalgia2Look at the green below! 😀
ilnp-nostalgia3Did you pick any of ILNP’s Christmas Collection? There are two gorgeous holo’s too!

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