Brijits Digits: Couldron

brijits-digits-couldronHurray for Couldron, a brand new creation by Brijit! This gorgeous dark brown/chocolate brown duo chrome top coat has lots of pretty shimmer running throughout the perfect formula. What a perfect polish for this time of the year. I used one easy coat over black here. And because this polish is too shy of showing up on my ‘regular hand pose’ pic as shown above, I needed to include this slightly awkward pic. LOOK at that gorgeous shimmer! brijits-digits-couldron1Couldron will be available soon at Brijits Etsy shop here 🙂  You know you need this in your life, so don’t miss it!

*this polish was gifted to me by Brijit. As always, this is my own honest opinion. 

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