Nails Inc.: Stonehenge – Concrete Effect

Hi everyone!

First things first, I’m extremely bad at replying on all your lovely comments lately. I’m sorry sweets! Please know that I read and appreciate every single comment! :*

On to today’s polish!

Stonehenge by Nails Inc. was part of the awesome prize pack that I’ve won from a nail art challenge that was hosted way back by Eeeek!, Jax and Brijit. I can’t believe that I haven’t worn this earlier:nails-inc-stonehengeFirst, this is darker in real life than how my camera picked it up! The color of the cap of the bottle is more accurate. A lovely bright cobalt blue! It has a great pigmentation and requires two coats for full opacity, as shown here. No top coat of course 😉

So tell me ladies, yay or nay?


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