Breast Cancer Awareness Contest

Happy Friday lovelies!

Especially this particular Friday is very special! Luchessa and I have joined forces again and came up with a fun contest for you guys. This one is all about raising awareness for breast cancer. You all know that October is BCA month right!

Scroll down to read all about it and please join!

Today we have something special for you ladies.

As you sure know, october is the Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are dedicating this post to raise awareness and focus on breast cancer and its impact on those affected by it.
Keep the importance of the screening and the early detection in mind, as it can safe your life!

And now to support the idea of “going pink for october”, your very own Polish Alcoholic and Beauty expression by Luchessa have decided to hold a little nail art contest, where you not only get to be creative, but can also win a great 2 bottles (6 ml) mini set of ANNY 6 in 1 und Color “Desire in N.Y.

ANNY nail polish setThe rules:

The international contest is going to run from today 24’th of october for 2 weeks until november 7’th.

Create a nail design inspired by the “Go pink for October” as an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer.
You can use any tools you have handy, like brushes, acrylic paint, rhinestones, textured polishes ect.

Please leave the link(s) to your post/picture in the comments below, so we can check it out.

You can also get extra credits by posting your mani on other social media, link back to this post and leave your link down below as well.
(If you follow both of our blog’s you might have an advantage.)

The winner will be picked by both of us based on originality and creativity. Anyone can win, no matter where you live on this globe.

If you happen to have any questions or simply want to chat with us on Twitter, (Polish Alcoholic & Luchessa) you’re more than welcome to.

Have fun creating you art and good luck everyone!!

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