Catrice – Eve in Bloom Collection

Catrice - Eve in Bloom CollectionHi everyone!

Today I have swatches of the Eve in Bloom Collection by Catrice to show you. I’ve searched for this collection at the store but couldn’t find it over here. It’s so annoying when my local drugstore doesn’t regularly (re)stock. And if so, they are all gone by the time I’m there. Every single time when Catrice and/or Essence releases a new collection the stores look like if there’s been a hurricane. And of course there’s no polish left for me. Not a single one! It’s not like they’re made of gold or something. My lord girls… please stay calm! Sigh!
But then my sweet sister surprised me with all five of them. This collection consists of five new polishes and I really like them all. Let’s take a look:

First up Bloomynous, a buttery hue with lots of fine golden shimmer. The shimmer was very hard to capture on camera. It is lovely in person! The formula is okay. I used three thin coats plus top coat here:Catrice Nails in Bloom foilI chose to create an accent nail with the Nails in Bloom foil that is part of this collection. Like the polishes this was nowhere to find. When I saw this beautiful mani by Viviana from Nailart Addict I knew I needed to have it. Maybe because to me it looks a bit vintage. I seem to love vintage shades lately πŸ˜€ Thanks so much Viv!
As for the foil, I love the design but the application not so much. First of all, I have no clue why Catrice calls this foil because it isn’t. I rather call them stickers. They come in a 12 piece pack, each a different size and width. After choosing what I thought was the right size for my nail I easily peeled it of the film and placed it on my nail with tweezers. I don’t know if it’s my curved nail shape to blame but it wrinkled and bubbled all over the place. I tried to fix it by gently rubbing over it with a cuticle pusher but I still couldn’t get a smooth surface. Also, this particular ‘sticker’ was a bit too small to cover my entire nail. The description onΒ  the packaging says that you need to finish it off with top coat. But after this much wrinkling I was afraid that top coat will make that even worse. So no top coat there. The removal went quite easily. I recommend to do this with love instead of roughly peeling it off, like I did. I even pulled of a small piece of my upper layer nail. No worries though, a generous coat of Nail Growth Miracle by Sally Hansen fixed it πŸ˜€
*Note to self: be more gently!

Blossom you, blossom me, a peachy pink cream. The formula is okay. I used three coats plus top coat here but I think I could have got away with two more generous coats. Catrice Blossom you, blossom me - Eve in BloomBed of flowers, screams ‘me’! This dusty smokey purple cream is so pretty! It dries slightly darker then how it appears in the bottle. I used two easy coats plus top coat here: Catrice Bed of flowers - Eve in bloomFloralicac, a beautiful purple with lots of purple shimmer. I think this could be a budget proof variant of OPI’s Plugged In Plum. The first coat went on sheer but it builds up nicely. I used three coats here plus top coat. Again, I think I could have got away with two more generous coats.Catrice Floralilac - Eve in BloomNow this one was a surprise to me, formula wise. I think Rosebuddy is a crelly and I love it! It’s extremely glossy by itself. I used three easy coats here with no top coat! This shiny-ness is all by the polish itself πŸ˜€ Color wise not so unique, but formula wise just perfection.Catrice Rosebuddy - Eve in BloomWhat do you think of this collection? Which one(s) is/are your fave(‘s)?

Thanks for stopping by my beauties!

Keep calm and paint on… πŸ˜‰

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