Rainbow Tag

Hello my lacquered loves!

I hope you’re all enjoying a fantastic weekend!

My nubbins are slowly growing back which is great because I really don’t like them that much when they’re so short. I know how shorter nails can look great, but it’s just not for me. So, I hope to be back soon. Actually I need to because I’m ridiculously behind with my swatching plans. And I have some new inspiration for nail art that I’m dying to share with you guys.

On to today’s post! A while back I was tagged by the sweet Brijit from Brijits Digits to participate in the Rainbow tag. I’ve had a hard time picking my favorite polishes. I just searched in every drawer of my Helmers, color by color, and picked the ones I loved most. I have many more fave’s than the ones I’m showing you here. I can go on and on… But who wants to read a post that looks more like a book than a blog post? πŸ˜‰ Also, there are some that I haven’t showed here in action yet but you’ll see them on this space in the near future for sure! Here we go…

OPI Big Apple Red is probably my favorite red ever. It’s discontinued (boo!) so I’ve picked up two back ups πŸ™‚
ANNY Woman in red is another fave. I wear this a lot on my toes. They can’t be left behind, can they?!1
China Glaze
Flip Flop Fantasy is the bright but soft (does that make any sense?) orange polish that everyone needs to have. It’s gorgeous!
ANNY Princess of waves, another gorgeous shade that I recommend to everyone that loves peachy hue’s.
OPI DS Luxurious is not really orange and not really red. That’s why I love it oh so much.2
ANNY Indian sun is a perfect yellow with a hint of shimmer. ANNY Sunday in park is the softer sister of Indian sun but with way more shimmer. And of course I picked Jasper by Butter London. Just lovely.3
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is another polish that I think everyone needs to have. Such a lovely minty green shade, sheer but buildable. I’ve read somewhere that OPI changed the formulation of it which makes the re-formulated ones more blue than green. I have the ‘old’ bottle and don’t own the re-formulated one so I can’t confirm if this is true for a fact. If you can, please let me know. I’m curious to know if it’s true!
And then I have Forrest My Case, also by OPI. The perfect green if you ask me. Last but not least I picked Jewel! by Koh. I love this because I don’t have a single similar polish in my stash.4
Secret Peri-wink-le by China Glaze, Suzi Says Feng Shui by OPI and Blu by Zoya are my blue picks. What can I say? They’re all so pretty! 5
Lastly I picked Violet Femme by piCture pOlish, Ozotic 505 and Taboo by Chanel. The last two I consider to be two of my many big treasures. Love love love! 6What do you think of these picks?

I tag EVERYONE to join the fun! I’d love to see your ‘rainbow picks’!

11 thoughts on “Rainbow Tag

  1. Ok guess what my most fav’s are? πŸ™‚ Yep, it’s OPI DS Luxurious and Violet Femme by piCture pOlish, Ozotic 505 and Taboo by Chanel (well i couldn’t separate the purple babies, right?!)

  2. I’ve wanted to try Anny for a long time, I only have 2 mini’s.
    Taboo is just… Oh, I have no words for how gorgeous that polish is ❀

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