Meet Rachael a.k.a. The Nailinator

Ola everyone!

Please meet Rach, a.k.a. The Nailinator (awesome name ha!):

Hi there lovelies!

I’m Rachael, also known as The Nailinator. I’m so pleased to be guest posting for Sabrina today! I found her blog right after I started my own back in January when I was invited to join the pre-spring challenge she hosted with Mommy Loves Nail Polish. It was my very first challenge, and it really got me into trying new things as I started blogging about my nail art. So it’s an honor to be invited to share something on her blog. I hope you all like what I came up with.

This is quite a bold design, but we all like to be bold now and then don’t we? The thought occurred to me that these look like I might have taken my inspiration from ladybugs and the 80s! Ha! The inspiration for this design actually came from a shirt that I saw a lady wearing a few weeks ago while I was out running errands. The cool squiggles and the dramatic V were quite eye catching, and I thought it would translate well to my nails. The original shirt was neon, and I tried it out on a false nail (pic below) before I committed to the design. I really tried, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go all out neon. Though I’ll probably have to do it on The Shutterbug (my sister) because she loves the neon version. She’s crazy like that. πŸ™‚

My base color is Oh My Golly’s Citrine from their Crystal Sand collection (3 coats). Oh My Golly is made locally here in the Philippines. I’ve included a swatch below so you can see it in all it’s pretty orangey-red, glittery glory! I added the details with my striper brush and a small detail brush using black acrylic paint since my black polish was just NOT cooperating with me.

Swatch of Citrine on it’s own

I sure hope you like this fun look. I’d love to see you over on my blog or on Facebook. Sabrina, thanks so much for having me and I’m sending you lots of good vibes for quick nail growth. Don’t forget to jot down all the fabulous nail art ideas you come up with in the mean time! πŸ˜‰


Thank you, Rach for this lovely guest post and the ‘grow vibes’ πŸ˜‰ :*

20 thoughts on “Meet Rachael a.k.a. The Nailinator

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    • Thanks! Haha. I had planned to do a full set but when I finished these two I thought it looked cool and since I was free-handing and this was my first try at v-gaps I was afraid the others wouldn’t be just right.

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