OMD Challenge Giveaway: Metallic

Hi loves!

This is my second post today since I’m still behind with the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’. I’ve been cracking my head over what to do for the Metallic theme. At first I thought of doing a foiled mani, but it turns out that foil + me = a disaster. But I was determent on using foil so I just gave it a another try (read: ‘my way’). Here’s a ‘my way of using foil’ mani:metallicThis is red foil called Scarlet Frost over one coat of No Place Like Chrome by Essie. This was really a ten minute mani because of two things. First of all No Place Like Chrome dries super fast. And secondly I just went all crazy with dabbing on the foil 😀 I think it turned out pretty cool, isn’t it? It looks a bit like the scattered polishes that were going around a while back. Or is it to much of a Holiday mani? Oh well, I like it.

Ps. I’ve ignored my thumb in my pics for a while because… again… a corner has broken off. Ugh! So you probably won’t see my thumb for a while 😉

zI’m almost on schedule girls! Working on it 😀

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