Neon zebra print mani

Hi beauties!

I’ve been playing around and tried something sort of new to me. We all know the ‘acid wash’ designs right? I’ve done a blue mani by using that technique before (view it here). This is basically the same technique but a little different… if that makes sense. I tried to make a picture tutorial for you guys but the neon colors made that impossible. So I’m just gonna try to explain how I’ve created this. Alright, first a picture:neon black zebraIt’s way easier to create this design than it looks! Really!

Products used:
basic white polish (base)
FS24 by Nfu Oh (green neon)
FS19 by Nfu Oh (blue neon)
FS12 by Nfu Oh (pink neon)
FS01 by Nfu Oh (yellow neon)
Liquid Leather by China Glaze (black)
small bowl with nail polish remover
medium nail art brush
make -up sponge
lint free (nail) pad

How to:
1. Start with a white base and seal it with a top coat. The last is important to prevent smudging while swiping.
2. After the base color is completely dry use two or three neon shades and a make-up sponge to create a gradient effect. I chose to create different gradient designs with different colors on each nail to make it a bit more playful. Give it time to dry completely.
3. Paint all of your nails completely black and let it dry.
4. Now comes the fun but time consuming part. Fill a small cup with nail polish remover and grab a medium sized nail art brush. Make sure that your brush is saturated with nail polish remover and get ‘painting’ by repeatedly swiping of small strokes of black polish. Be gently!
It’s best to wipe your brush clean on a lint free pad after each stroke in order to prevent your cup of polish remover getting to dirty 😉 Also, don’t use ‘regular’ cotton pads for this because they have the tendency to give you a ‘hairy/fluffy’ mani.
5. Give the design time to dry a bit. Then use your clean (!) nail art brush and fresh nail polish remover to swipe over the stripes again to make them even more bright. Add a top coat and you’re ready to go 😀neon black zebra1So girls, are you gonna give these a try? If you have any questions or whatsoever, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! I’d love to see yours!

35 thoughts on “Neon zebra print mani

  1. What the f?! This is so awesome! Love itttttt! I don’t think I’d be able to do this successfully but I would like to try it sometime in the future… we’ll see. Till then I’ll just keep looking at yours 😉

  2. Amazing! It’s like those crayon projects from primary school – you color a picture, then rub black crayon over the top, then scratch it away? I’m going to try this technique soon; you did a great job explaining it.

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