Hard Candy: Crush On Lava

Happy Sunday!

I’m gonna show you my very first polish by Hard Candy today. This was part of the amazing polishes that I received from Adelina for the Sweet Summer Swap that we did a while back. Thank you so much Adelina for making our swap a great success!

This is Crush on Lava, a multi chrome foil that shifts from brown/gold to purple/magenta. You all know I’m a sucker for everything that changes color, so this is AWESOME! The formula is great and the application went without any problems. I used three thin coats here but I could have got away with two. Also, this is with NO top coat 😀
Again, excuse me the slightly awkward pose here, but this way shows the color shifting process best:hard candy crush on lava1hard candy crush on lava Do you have any Hard Candy polishes?

21 thoughts on “Hard Candy: Crush On Lava

  1. I am wearing one of those vintage Hard Candy rings today! Remember when those came along with the polish? Gotta go to Walmart soon and check out the new shades.

  2. Nice name for this nail polish! The foil appearence seems as great as the colour changing effect! Me too, I love particular nail polish and I like to admire them in different lights!

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