Sunset mani (tutorial)

Hi beauties!

Today I have a summery mani for you with a tutorial. Mariska from Simply Polish (check out her blog!) came up with the idea of doing a sunset mani. So without further bla bla, here it is:sunsetproducts used:
Plugged in Plum by OPIsunset bottles
Kiss Me On My Tulips by OPI
A Roll In The Hague by OPI
The It Color by OPI
Liquid Leather by China Glaze
small striper
make up sponge

. I started this mani with one sheer coat of white polish. This isn’t really necessary though. I do this often when I use bright colors to let them pop 😀
2. Add the four colors that you use for the gradient on a make-up sponge. I chose to create a smaller purple stripe than I did with the other colors.
3. Gently create a gradient effect by sponging on the colors. Slightly go upwards to the cuticle and downwards to the tip to make sure that the colors blend nicely together. Give it a few minutes to dry.
4. If you’re not quite happy with the result (when it’s not completely opaque), you can repeat step 3.
5. While waiting for it to dry, you can start cleaning up. I always use a small eyeliner brush for cleaning up.
6. Use a small striper and black polish to draw ‘the shadow of the landscape’. sunset tut17. Fill it in with black polish.
8. Draw a curved line starting at the tip. Make sure that the end of the stripe is a bit thinner than at the beginning.
9. Draw a second curved line right next to the first one.
10. Fill in the space between the two lines.
11. Draw two slightly curved lines.
12. Draw the other three lines.sunset tut213. 14. Make the lines slightly thicker and gently pull the polish downwards.
15. Make sure you have the result that you like and if not, just add some more small lines. After the design is completely dry, finish it with a fast dry top coat.sunset tut3And voila, done!sunset1This turned out to be a great summer look, isn’t it? What’s your favorite design this summer?

If you have any suggestions for a next tutorial, please let me know!

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