Sweet Summer Swap… show your goodies!

Happy Monday beauties!

First of all a big thanks to all who have joined the Sweet Summer Swap that’s hosted by Luchessa and I. We hope you all had lots of fun and received some great goodies!

We would love to know what goodies you’ve received from your Sweet Summer Swap partner! Please add a link to your blog post to the Inlinkz collection:

I was matched with the sweet Adelina, who shares with me the love for nail polish 😀 So we agreed on sending each other some polishes. Adelina picked some amazing polishes for me which got me seriously questioning if she has some sort of mind reading gift. She even sent me some that were on my wishlist!sweet summer swapFrom left to right:
Art of Theft by Finger Paints
Rose Pixel by Orly
Port-folio by Color Club
Crush on Lava by Hard Candy
I Spy-der by Finger Paints

Adelina added some caramel toffees too! Jummie! I LOVE caramel!

Rose Pixel and Port-Folio were on my wishlist and the two Finger Paint’s are my first Finger Paint’s 🙂 You’ll see them in action on my blog for sure! Can’t wait to wear them all!

Thank you so much Adelina!

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