W.I.C. by Herôme – Mystic Japan (swatches & review)

W.I.C by Herôme recently released their new limited edition collection: Mystic Japan. This collection consists of six new shades. I’m excited about this collection. Look at it, six cheerful shades for Summer: wic mystic japanherome mystic japan bottlesAll swatches are with base and top coat.

Nagoya, a light green cream. This hue of green really doesn’t suit my light skin tone, as with Plant The Planet by Essence. They are very similar. The only difference is that Nagoya is a bit darker. The formula is a bit streaky but levels out to a nice and smooth finish. This is opaque in two coats, but I used three.herome nagoya mystic japanNemuro, a yellow cream that is easy to work with for a yellow shade. We all know yellow isn’t the easiest color to work with, but this one is okay! This is two coats.herome nemuro mystic japanSapporo, a light blue cream with lots of fine silver shimmer. Definitely one of my favorites from this collection. The formula is great. I’m wearing two easy coats. herome sapporo mystic japanYokohama, a medium purple cream with a hint of silver shimmer. The shimmer is hardly visible on the nails. The formula is okay. This is two coats.herome yokohama mystic japanShizuoka, the pink sister of Yokohama (two coats).herome shizuoka mystic japanKyoto, a red cream with strong orange tones to it. Bright, but no ‘in your face’. This one also has a hint of silver shimmer. The formula is okay. I’m wearing two coats here.herome kyoto mystic japan
This collection is now available in Dutch stores and trough their website, until the end of June 2013. You can get one (7 ml) for € 7,50 (around $9.75) and two for € 12,50 (around $16.25).

Any favorites, girls?

22 thoughts on “W.I.C. by Herôme – Mystic Japan (swatches & review)

  1. Looks like some really pretty shades. 🙂 Maaybe it’s time to take a visit for deutschland/netherlands to see if I can find some new nail polishes O:-)

    • Daar lijkt ie zeker op. Uit mijn hoofd: deze is beter dekkend en minder sheer dan You’re Such A Budapest. Maar ze lijken zeker op elkaar. Ik zit te wachten op mijn nagel sticks (in plaats van nagel wielen) om al mijn lakjes te swatchen. Dan kan ik ze beter vergelijken. Nu is dat een ramp :/

  2. Ohhhhh, the yellow is unique I think 🙂 I liked the whole collection 🙂 can you write a bit about if this is a drugstore or a high end brand, This is not a brand we Norwegians jknow much about… Would be nice to know:) You have given me three so far, nd I love them all 🙂 They wil be on my blog eventuallt, but is there any sites I can link to, for my readers to get them ?

    Thank you for amazing swatches hun 🙂

    Big hug 🙂

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