OPI: Jinx – Bond Girls / Liquid Sand

Good day lacquered friends!

I bet OPI’s Bond Girls Collection hasn’t passed your attention, right?! It consists of six brand new Liquid Sand shades. The ones that immediately caught my eye are Pussy Galore, Solitaire and this one, Jinx: opi jinxJinx is the orange/coral textured shade of the collection. I’m in love with this one. The formula is great. I used two coats here. opi jinx1A while back I showed you ANNY’s Desert Glam Collection which includes, among other, She’s amazing. As promised I compared the two to see how similar they are.compJinx is more coral while She’s amazing is darker with strong magenta undertones. No dupes, but I think when you have one you don’t need the other. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?comparisonI doubt whether I should pick up Pussy Galore and Solitaire too… Decisions decisions… Should I or not?

Thanks for stopping by 😀

26 thoughts on “OPI: Jinx – Bond Girls / Liquid Sand

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  2. Jinx is my favorite of the Bond girls, but Solitaire is a close 2nd. You should definitely get it. Looks like indoors and diamonds in the sun 🙂

  3. gooorgeous 😀 what about 040 illegal by P2? you should put that one to the bunch. I think they are quite similar. 😀
    btw i just discovered the 430 by Kiko from the sun pearl limited adition. I think its seriously THE same, just not textured. Google it.

    • 😀 Checked… Illegal is more red while Jinx has a corraly tone to it thanks to the fine glitter. Just googled Kiko… that’s definitely more similar to Jinx than Illegal 😀 Well, all the brands that are into the textured trend make sure that there are lots of similarities between all of them. So far I didn’t discovered ‘real dupes’ in my stash, but I bet there are some around somewhere 🙂

      What do you think, should I go for the white textured one from OPI (Solitaire)? My hands are itchy to order it 😀

      • hahaha oh i bet they are itchy 😛
        well if you say so, i havent tried the kiko one yet, but in the bottle it looks a lot like illegal.
        do you have KIKO in your area? Or should i do a sshopping tour next month for you?? (2 parcels in one month are too much hahaha) 😛
        I just realized i’m gonna have like 4 swap packages coming this & next week…omg…

      • Yeah I think they are quite similar 😉

        And omg! I know what you mean. I have four parcels to ship this week 🙂 lol
        I can’t get Kiko over here!
        You really shouldn’t have to shop just for me hunni. Only if you need to be there for something and see something I’d like to have… 🙂

        In the meantime… let me know when you spot something that you love but can’t get there 😉

  4. Jinx is the only one that I don’t have. I thought it was too similar to shades from the Julie G and Zoya Pixie Dust collections

    • Tiffany Case looks great too! I think I’m just gonna go for Solitaire… I’ve been adding it to my shopping cart and removing it every single time. Maybe that’s a sign that I just have to give it a go 😀 That’s a good excuse to buy even more polish right?

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