Essence – Guerilla Gardening

I was so excited when I read about the Guerilla Gardening Collection and I knew I needed to get my hands on the four polishes. After the release date I still couldn’t find them anywhere, so I contacted Essence. They let me know that this collection isn’t going to be available in The Netherlands 😦 Therefore I asked my dear friend Luchessa if she would take a look if this collection is available in Germany. The same day I received an e-mail from her with the title “done” and a picture of all four polishes plus some extra goodies which I’ll show you later. Thank you so very much sweetie! essence guerilla gardeningessence bottlesThe brushes are not wide rounded as with the Color & Go line by Essence. They are smaller, longer en square. They make application very easy.
Onto the swatches!

Essence describes Plant The Planet as a lemon hue. To me this is more a dirty mustard yellow/green. I think this color doesn’t compliment my skin tone very well. Formula wise it isn’t so great. I had a little trouble with the application. The first coat went on very sheer but smooth. The second coat went on a little bit streaky and somehow patchy. I needed a third coat to get full opacity. I used one coat of Seche Vite to get an even finish. essence plant the planetFloral Glam, a super glossy tomato red crelly. This one has the best formula of these four. This is two easy flowing coats plus top coat. This is my absolute favorite of this collection. essence floral glamI’m The Moss, a muted medium green cream. The first coat was very sheer but the second (generous) coat made it completely opaque. essence i'm the mossMission Flower, a medium pink cream. Not so unique, but I just can’t have enough pinks πŸ˜€ This is two coats plus top coat. essence mission flowerLuchessa also included one of the two ‘nail effect powders’ or so called flocking powder or cashmere. It comes in two colors, a pink one called Mission Flower and this green one I’m The Moss. I’m wondering why they named them exactly as the polishes. It comes in a small container with a handy ‘anti-spill’ cap. Let’s take a look how it looks over the polishes!essence nail effect powderessencePlant The Planetessence plant the planet1Floral Glamessence floral glam1I’m The Mossessence i'm the moss1Mission Floweressence mission flower1Do you have any of this collection? What’s your favorite?

Ps. Did you know Essence created matching lip cream, brushes and eye shadows for this collection?

23 thoughts on “Essence – Guerilla Gardening

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  2. I hate it when Essence/Catrice collections aren’t released in certain countries. In Italy we usually lag a month behind, but we were lucky to have the Miami roller girl collection redistributed (it wasn’t available in Italy before).
    I got the red lip cream and eyebrow mascara from this collection, they’re lovely!

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  4. I am sooo sad that those beauties won’t cross the border. But luckly I got the gardening powder from the dear Daphne of dailynailsart

    They are really beautifull.

    Ps: I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Hop on to my blog to pick it up.

  5. Well first of all, you are welcome & you know it πŸ˜‰
    Love how you made the pic of the “falling polishes”, it has a personal style.
    Second of all: Did you just call Plant The Planet a dirty mustard? πŸ˜› (Hope the poor one didnt hear that πŸ˜› )
    And let’s be honest the nail effect powders are just a gimmick, its not like its a must have in every nailart collection….and is it just me, or does it look like a “landing stripe” on the Plant The Planet? πŸ˜› (It made me laugh :P)

    • LMAO! You made me laugh! And yeah I hope Plant The Planet will forgive me. It’s not that I dislike it, it’s just not pretty with my pale skin.

      A landing stripe? LOL! It really looks that way isn’t it πŸ˜€

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