Catrice – Candy Shock

Today I have the new limited edition collection by Catrice: “Candy Shock” to show you. This collection consists of four pastel shades:catrice candy shock
I’ve shared my swatches with the sweet Mariska at Simply Polish (here) πŸ˜€ For those who don’t know her yet, check out her blog here!

I love these four shades, especially for Spring and Summer but I am really dissapointed by the formula. They are all very sheer and quite streaky. You’ll need at least three coats for a nice coverage. That’s a big bummer if you ask me. Let’s have a look:

Bring Me Peach, a peachy orange cream (not really pastel) that dries to a semi-matte finish. I used four coats for full opacity and a top coat to get an even and smooth finish. I think you can get away with three coats though. Still, that’s a lot!catrice candy shock bring me peach
Vanilla Love, a soft pastel yellow shade with yellow shimmer. Unfortunately the shimmer doesn’t transfer on the nail so well. The formula is patchy which makes application a bit difficult. I used four coats here plus top coat. catrice candy shock vanilla love
Play It Blue, a soft light blue cream which -like Bring Me Peach- dries to a semi-matte finish. I used three coats for full opacity plus a top coat.catrice candy shock play it blue
Ice Cream, a lilac cream with pink shimmer. I was very excited about the pink shimmer in a lilac cream. That makes this one unique to my stash. But again, it’s hardly visible on the nails 😦 This is four coats plus top coat.catrice candy shock ice cream
And here they are all together and finished with a matte top coat. I really like how this turned out. candy shock mani1
Overall I really love the shades but I am disappointed in the formulation of them.
What do you think of these?

18 thoughts on “Catrice – Candy Shock

  1. Lovely swatches sweetie and I’m loving the nail art – so delicate and pretty! Such a shame about the formula though but those Models Own ones you swatched are sooo joining my collection lol!

  2. You have the nails sweetie. But what i understood from this post is, that pastels are not made for me. Somehow i seem to “not understand” them, if you know what i mean. But thank goodness for holo’s and metallics hahaha πŸ˜€
    But i guess You can pull off any polish that exists πŸ˜›

  3. Love the stripes you did – agree, really hard to get good formulas on pastels – the white chalky pigment inherently seems to make most polish formulas in pastels difficult to work with.

    • Yeah, I know. Therefore it was a big surprise that I love the Fruit Pastel Collection by Models Own so much πŸ˜€ They are lovely!

      And OMG pyjamas? LMAO… Well, I think it could be just that πŸ˜‰

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